To register for a class, teacher training, or workshop call 605.366.9405 or email Registration is complete upon receipt of payment. At this time, OYC does not accept credit or debit cards.

Private Yoga Sessions 

Private Yoga Sessions are a time structured just for you with your specific yoga needs desires in mind. It’s an amazing way to deepen your yoga practice. Private yoga sessions are offered in stress-reduction techniques, postures & alignment, therapeutic yoga, breath work, & meditation. Private Yoga Sessions are available by appointment.

Weekly Yoga Classes 

OYC teaches Hatha* Yoga classes in two levels. 

Level 1 is for students desiring a practice focused on techniques, safe alignment & awareness, as they practice basic poses, foundational breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.  This class is helpful for students that want to build balance, strength and endurance over time as well as learning how to create a well-rounded personal yoga practice.

Level 2 will include breathing techniques, meditation, and poses (asanas) requiring balance, strength and endurance. Previous yoga experience is expected.  

Further, all yoga classes at OYC implement the "The Eight Principles of Movement," various props and awareness of proper alignment all which make a yoga practice safe, accessible and sustainable for all!  Likewise, in all yoga classes, regardless of experience, students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, minds and spirits as they breathe, stretch, strengthen and meditate.  In other words, all are encouraged to listen to the yoga teacher within!

* Hatha refers to a way of practicing yoga that includes postures (asanas), breathing techniques, (pranayama), and meditation among other traditional yogic practices.  Hatha yoga is also recognized as a means of purification (or detoxification), as well as a stress-reducing practice.

What to Bring to an OYC Class 

On the whole, if you bring yourself and your mat, you will be fine. Here are some added items that you may wish to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes—layered to remove or add as desired
  • A yoga mat 
  • Socks—for warm-up, meditation, or relaxation
  • A small towel

Organic Yoga Co. provides the following supplies:

  • Props: yoga blocks, wool blankets, fleece blankets, spine strips, yoga straps, sand bags & yoga bolsters.
  • Dog kisses & tail wags!
  • A welcoming, warm, & safe yoga environment & community

What to Expect 

Organic Yoga Company is a friendly and welcoming studio in owner & teacher, Nancy Hong's, home. At OYC you can expect your practice to be exactly that--YOUR practice.  That means students are safe to experience yoga as they see fit.  If you are tired and don't want to hold in plank...don't. If you want to safely sweat--go for it! This motto can be simplified best by Nancy's frequent saying, "take what works for you and leave the rest." With this mantra in mind, the basic elements of an OYC yoga class are as follows:

  • Meditation: to practice stillness of mind & thoughts
  • Pranayama: breathing & centering to calm the nerves & focus the mind.
  • Warm-up: gentle contractions & lengthening to loosen the joints, warm the muscles, and reawaken the body
  • Core Work: focusing on core muscles for body awareness & sustainable strength
  • Asanas: poses that build strength & increase flexibility throughout the body with attention to safe alignment
  • Shavasana: a time of relaxation & renewal for the mind, body & spirit.

OYC's Foundation for Practice 

OYC classes and methods are based on the Eight Principles of Movement by Susi Hately. These principles are referenced often in class:

  1. Nourish relaxation & breathe
  2. Initiate movement: Keep the spine in mind!
  3. Connect spinal movement with the largest joints first
  4. Move joints in their optimum range of motion
  5. Develop core stability
  6. Be relaxed & resilient!
  7. Be generous with yourself: move in your pain-free range of motion
  8. Less is more (master simpler poses before moving on to more complex poses...or breathing techniques, etc.).

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