Organic Yoga Company Prices 


  All classes are $12.  

Cash or Checks are accepted.

PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONSHelping and equipping you, to feel better and move better, on your yoga mat and in your life, is my main intention when I work with you in a one-on-one session.

Most often I work one-on-one with clients in two main areas:       1. The reduction of their stiffness, soreness and pain along with an increase of their mobility, flexibility and ease of movement.    2.  Becoming more skilled at their execution of yoga poses (especially understanding poses through an understanding of their joints, range of motions, etc).  
Both enable clients to move better and feel better!

First Session: 1.5 Hours - $105                                      

Following Sessions: 60 Minutes ~ $70

MORE-DETAILED INFORMATION REGARDING PRIVATE SESSIONS:  Having listed just above that there are two ways in which I work with private clients, most often I work with clients on option #1. 

This approach could be called healing yoga, or yoga-to-feel-better, which, if you haven't done it before, is hard to understand or picture in your mind!

To give some more detail, in a private session I focus on helping a client out of pain by increasing their body awareness, by teaching them relaxation techniques, by working to help them understand and practice moving their joints in the way they were designed to (kinesiology), by teaching stress reduction through breathing practices, as well as by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the healing part of our NS). I also use a methodology called Somatics that is all about functioning better and mobility. It, too, is gentle. 
I usually help clients start to feel better in the first session. Then over the next 2-4 sessions they receive "homework" to do which increases the beneficial changes that they're experiencing! So, I usually don't work with clients more than about 5 sessions with a possible "tune up" session when needed.

Oh, and I've done hundreds of private sessions.

Feel free to contact me if you have a question or if you're ready to book a session at:

Happy practicing,