About Organic Yoga Co. 

Since our beginning in 2005, Organic Yoga Company has been a warm & welcoming yoga studio & school in the heart of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We continue to teach & practice the traditional 8-limb path of Ashtanga yoga, incorporating relaxation & the spiritual practices of concentration & meditation into each class along with asana (yoga poses).

Yet in the midst of tradition, we welcome change! In just the past few years, a number of wonderful changes have happened: The studio expanded into a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School for a 300-hour yoga teacher training program as well as a 200-hour yoga teacher training and almost forty of our students have become Registered Yoga Teachers, and our private sessions have expanded into Somatic work for pain relief and greater functioning.

We welcome all to drop-in for a class to experience what makes OYC unique. What you will discover is this: while OYC teachers always offer a class that tends to the body, the way we teach yoga gives much more.   All of our classes teach biomechanics (how the body functions) & basic anatomy with the yoga practice. We have found that this helps our students feel & understand their body more which, in turn, enables them to progress in their practice! 

With a focus on the whole person, the skilled & knowledgeable teachers at OYC will help develop each practitioner of yoga in a way that will be deep, endlessly interesting, natural, sustainable, and unique to each individual!

Foundations of Teaching At OYC

OYC uses two different guidelines in our studio classes and in our teacher-training programs.  These guideline are like a map that teachers use to guide students through a yoga practice that is natural & sustainable, unique to each person and enables them to go as deeply into their yoga practice as they desire! Since all OYC teachers use these guidelines all classes are congruent in their foundations and have a harmonious feeling between them but then OYC teachers take these guiding principles add in their personality, teaching style, playlists, and teaching philosophy to make each class unique! 

The first guideline: The 8 Limbs of Yoga as outlined by the ancient sage, Patanjali:

Yamas: 5 ethical restraints
Niyamas: 5 ethical practices
Asana: physical poses/postures
Pranayama: breathing practices
Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses
Dharana: concentration
Dhyana: meditation                                                                                                                                                                                              
Samadhi: union with the Divine. 

The second guideline: The Eight Principles of Movement as taught by Susi Hately: 

Nourish relaxation & breathe.
Initiate movement: Keep the spine in mind!
Connect spinal movement with the largest joints 1st.
Move joints in their optimum range of motion.
Develop core stability.
Be relaxed & resilient!
Be generous with yourself: move in your pain-free range of motion.
Less is more (master simpler poses before moving onto more complex poses, or breathing techniques, or...).

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