2019 spring - summer

Yoga Teacher Training Program  

200 Hour (TT 200)

Yoga is a path to your Self, your deepest Self, and it feels like coming home!  Teacher training is filled with lessons, experiences, learning, lectures and yoga classes that will lead you along that path to your deepest Self.  If you're inspired by your yoga practice as it is now, imagine what it might do for you after taking this in-depth training.  If you're considering taking this journey come take a class at or give us a call to ask any questions you might have.   We will be here to support you in your learning and growth as you move into this program and into your future.

Organic Yoga Company, RYS 200 & RYS 300, is proud to offer Yoga Alliance* credentialed teacher-training programs.  As per Yoga Alliance requirements, students enrolled in the program will take courses in the following content areas: Techniques-Training/Practice, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology, Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics, Practicum, and Electives. Upon completing all of the requirements of this program, including attending all 6 training weekends, the graduate will receive a certificate of completion. The graduate may then register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT, a registered yoga teacher.   

* (Yoga Alliance is the international governing body for yoga teachers and yoga schools. OYC is a Registered Yoga School--RYS--with Yoga Alliance. See: YogaAlliance.com for more information).

An Invitation from the Director of Training

Thank you for considering OYC's teacher training program. In this TT 200 program trainees will learn to sense and feel subtle layers of their mind, body, and spirit through the study of anatomy, the systems of the body, understanding the mechanics of the joints, by growing in your personal practice of poses, breath work & meditation as well as learning how to break those down in order to teach them safely, clearly & effectively.  Graduates of our program will also leave with an in-depth understanding of how to level yoga classes, how to give their students effective & helpful feedback and how to create a lesson plan.  Practicum (student teaching) begins the first weekend of training giving our students a substantial amount of time and experience practicing their teaching skills. Lastly, in this TT 200, students study and expand their knowledge of themselves through the study of the foundational yoga text by Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras, as well as other texts on the Yamas & Niyamas (ethics for yoga) along with other articles & journaling assignments pertaining to philosophy & lifestyle.  In other words, this program focuses on understanding the ancient practice of yoga from the inside out!  

If that sounds like a lot, it is!  This program will require a great deal of you: your energy, time, creativity, intellect, passion, stamina, understanding, critical thinking and patience to name just a few!  But in return, your practice and understanding of yoga and the teaching of it will greatly evolve and this program will help you move more deeply into your practice and into your life. 

Lastly, know that all of the OYC faculty are experts in their field and are preparing for your arrival, for your learning and for your deepest Self and all that you will bring to this program!

Namaste!   Nancy

Schedule The six weekends of training will be determined with the in-put of committed students.

tt 200 curriculum

The curriculum for our Level 1, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training centers around the dual-theme: "FEEL BETTER; TEACH BETTER!"  This basic training will lead you on two parallel journeys: your journey as a student of yoga and your journey as a teacher of yoga.  As a student, our intention is to have you feel better.  As a teacher, our intention is to have you teach better...better than you ever thought you could!   Below are the subjects covered on each journey.  Take a look & start getting excited for your journey! 

    1. feel better.

Growing Your Practice of Yoga: Go Deeper into Poses by Creating Your Own Natural & Sustainable Practice
Developing a Strong Core
Exploring Forward Folds & Back Bends (and other Standing Poses)
Generous Twisting Poses (and other Seated poses)
Furthering Your Practice the Pain-Free Way
Essential breath, Diaphragmatic breath & Core breath
Centering, Concentration & Meditation Techniques
The Bliss of Restorative Yoga
Relaxation Techniques
Bio-Mechanics & Anatomy
The Systems of the Body 
Energetic Anatomy: Chakras & Energies Systems of Body
The Yoga Sutras: A Sacred Text of Yoga
The History of Yoga
Exploring Belief Systems and Core Values
The Yogic Lifestyle...and more!

     2. teach BETTEr.

by learning & practicing:
How to Incorporate Bio-Mechanics & Anatomy in Teaching
Teaching Inversions and Arm Balances
Teaching Pranayama (Breathing Practices) Effectively
Teaching Meditation
Establishing Yourself as the Teacher
Clear Communication for the Yoga Class
Monitoring, Seeing & Asking Questions in Teaching
Feedback: What It Is & Why Excellent Teachers Use It Every Class
Openings, Closings & Transition in Class
Lesson Planning & Class Leveling
Working One-on-One with clients
Ethics for Yoga Teachers
The Business of Yoga
Creating Workshops
Practicum (Practice Teaching)
Structuring a Class Toward a "Goal" Pose
Teaching Somatics for Pain Relief & Better Functioning
How to use Props in Your Classes
Creating a Restorative Class...and more.

In order to complete the course and register as a Yoga Alliance teacher, students attend all six weekends of the course (or make-up any missed hours). The weekend schedule is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a total of 200 hours of contact and and non-contact hours of training. The upcoming teacher training schedule is listed below (for future training dates, check back right here!):

2019 Spring - Summer dates:

March 22-24

April 12-14

May 17-19

June 14-16

July 12- 14

August 9-11 

Schedule runs as follows:
Fridays: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sundays: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       * If you have a scheduling conflict with one of the weekends, contact OYC to discuss ways to make up your hours missed.

tuition & options for payment

Choose a payment option that's best for you!

$3,400 = Early Registration (when paid in-full by March 12, 2019) 

$3,500 = 2 equal payments of $1750. Payment #1 is due by March 12, 2019.   Payment #2 due on Friday of Training Weekend #4.

$3,600 = Initial down payment of $ 600 paid by March 12, 2019.  Then pay 6 equal, monthly payments of $500 each, with each of the other 6 payments due on the Friday of each Training Weekend.       

Lodging, Travel, & Meals

Lodging, travel, and meals are not included in the total cost of tuition. However, if you would like to carpool with a fellow classmate, please contact OrganicYogaCo@yahoo.com. Additionally, OYC encourages students to pack meals for the weekend due to the limited time for breaks. OYC has a pantry, refrigerator, and microwave for student use.


Books are not included in the total cost of tuition. A complete book list will be sent to those accepted into the program.  Cost runs about $80.

What to Expect

Teacher training weekends are intense weekends of study, lecture, movement, meditation, reflection, discussion, yoga practice and practice teaching.  Students should expect to be challenged, to grow, and to reframe how they look at yoga. Each weekend is designed around a theme, and that theme will radiate throughout the weekend's classes!  You'll get to know both your fellow classmates as well as your yoga teachers and you'll learn from your fellow students as well as from the faculty and guest faculty.   The weekends are designed to approach the learning through a wide variety of teaching techniques so that although these weekends are concentrated they are also do-able, rich, deep, fun and satisfying!

What to Bring

A open heart and a curious mind are the main things, but additional items for the weekends would include: snacks and meals, books & required readings, pens for note-taking, your personal yoga mat (all other props are provided), OYC binder and notebook (provided on the first weekend), layers of clothing, and a water bottle (maybe a big cup of coffee, too)!


Please complete the following application by cutting and pasting, then sending via email to: OrganicYogaCo@yahoo.com, OR print, fill out, and send via mail to Organic Yoga Company 2401 S. 2nd Avenue - Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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Class Blessing

Blessings to you as you make the decision to go forward in your yoga journey. We leave you with the OYC class blessing:

May you go in peace.  May you walk in love.

May you know deep & abiding joy, and may you be well & happy.  Namaste.


Organic Yoga Company - 2401 S. 2nd Avenue - Sioux Falls, SD 57105 - 605.366.9405 - OrganicYogaCo@yahoo.com