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Looking for TRADITIONAL YOGA taught by experienced, skilled teachers with years of experience?  Then this is the yoga studio & school that will help you move deeper into your practice of yoga & deeper into your life.  

All are welcome; Come as you are. 

 All that's left is to sign up.  Do you think private yoga sessions would serve you the best?  Or a group practice?  Both?

Not sure yet...?  Don't think you can do it? You'll have all my support, energy and skills working hard so that you succeed and so that you have nothing less than a positive,  life-changing experience! 

Contact me with any questions!

Nancy Hong                                   Lead Teacher & Owner 



Testimonials from TT 200 Graduates:

"The instruction is at the highest level and students are held to high standards. The lead teacher, Nancy Hong, is highly knowledgeable in techniques, anatomy, philosophy and teaching strategies. I have had many instructors throughout my undergraduate, graduate and professional training and I would rate Nancy as one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her compassion, enthusiasm, and intelligence set her and her yoga school apart from others. Jackie Wilber co-taught during my training. The lectures and techniques she provided on yoga philosophy and teaching techniques were also of the highest standard. I give the highest recommendation to the Organic Yoga Company teacher training program."      ~ M.S.

"My training received at Organic Yoga company was second to none. this is a quality program and one I would recommend to anyone."  ~T.S.

"I would highly recommend the Organic Yoga Company as I have learned more than I could have imagined. Nancy is a very knowledgeable and genuine teacher! Yoga is a part of her heart, soul, mind and spirit and I thank her ever so dearly!"   ~M.P.