Yoga Teacher Training at Organic Yoga Co., RYS


As the only Registered Yoga School (RYS) in the region, Organic Yoga Company is proud to offer our annual 200-hour Teacher Training program for the sixth consecutive year! We anticipate another amazing group of people, who are ready to make their transformative journey from being a student of yoga to being a teacher of yoga!

Our rigorous curriculum has been approved by Yoga Alliance, the governing body of yoga teachers and schools. Therefore, those who complete our program will be able to register as a yoga teacher (RTY 200) with YA.  For those who are ready to become a skilled, experienced, & inspiring yoga teacher, as well as those who wish to enhance their personal practice, make a commitment to yourself and this program!  

If you have questions or would like to speak with graduates of this program regarding their experience, please call 605-366-9405. Visit the Teacher Training tab for more information!



August 12-14

September 9-11

October 7-9

November 11-13

December 9-11 

January 13-15 

February  10-12

 * Save this date in case one weekend needs to be cancelled due to bad weather. 

Weekend Schedule

Fridays: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Saturdays: 7:00am - 8:00pm
Sundays: 7:00am - 5:00pm

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Sioux Fall, South Dakota!

News for Teachers!

Organic Yoga Company will be offering TT 300 (formerly called TT 500) beginning in the early spring of 2017.  This advanced yoga-teacher training is to be taken after completing a TT 200 program at a registered yoga school (RYS).  OYC's program will consist of eight training weekends occurring approximately once a month.  Look for more details, including the specific dates, soon.  Until then, happy practicing!


We welcome all to drop-in for a class to experience what makes OYC unique. What you will discover is this: while OYC teachers always offer a good workout, the way we teach yoga gives much more. 

All of our classes teach biomechanics (how the body functions) and basic anatomy along side the yoga practice. We have found that this helps our students feel & understand their body more which, in turn, enables them to progress in their practice! Additionally, OYC classes teach the eight limbs of traditional ashtanga yoga (not just the physical poses), which include the spiritual practices of concentration & meditation. 

With a focus on the whole person, the skilled & knowledgeable teachers at OYC will help develop each practitioner of yoga in a way that will be deep, endlessly interesting, natural, sustainable, and unique to each individual!

OYC Yoga Classes

Registration is open and on-going for all yoga classes! All OYC yoga classes are taught by OYC-trained & Yoga-Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers-RYT. Our staff members are not only trained to lead excellent classes, but are also qualified to train new teachers in our TT 200 program and offer continuing education workshops to experienced teachers. Begin your yoga journey to health, wellness & awareness by registering for an OYC yoga class today. For more information, visit OYC Classes, read more about our Staff, and check out the Schedule & Prices

Welcome to the OYC! Learn more about the OYC staff, our foundations for practice and teaching, and then contact us. This maybe the yoga studio & school that helps you move deeper into your practice of yoga and deeper into your life. 

All are welcome. Come as you are. 

Namaste, Nancy

Nancy Hong, E-RYT 500

Lead Teacher & Owner 



Almost two months ago a new Level 1 class began at OYC (see the calendar for a discription). I wanted this to truly be a Level 1 class, teaching students not just poses, but the bio-mechanics of how to enter and exit poses with skill, stay injury free, and gain strength, mobility and flexibility over time. This Level 1 class is going well and will continue.

Two other classes have been on my mind for a while. The first is a restorative yoga class. The ultimate goal of a restorative class is deep relaxation "restoring" our stressed-out nervous systems to its parasympathetic state (which is the "rest & digest" state rather than its sympathetic state which is the "fight or flight" state). This class will be open to all, no experience necessary, and will include a gentle warm-up, breath work and floor work using various props to support your relaxation practice. Watch the schedule for the next restorative class.

The second class I've been pondering is a Somatics class (Somatics exercises use contraction of muscles & slow release of them to help the body with sensory motor amnesia, or unconscious engagement of muscles which lead to stiffness, soreness or pain). Somatics is not yoga but is a methodology that lessons stiffness, soreness & pain enabling practitioners to go deeper in their poses and/or function better in their lives. Somatic exercises are a part of each yoga class warm-up at OYC but this class will be exclusively Somatics. Look for this class to begin in the fall.


Yoga is a path to your Self, your deepest Self, and it feels like coming home!  Teacher training (whether or not you intend to teach) is filled with experiences, learning, lectures and yoga classes that will lead you along that path to your deepest Self.  If you're inspired by your yoga practice as it is now, imagine what it might do for you after taking this in-depth training.  If you're considering taking this journey come and take a class at OYC or give us a call to ask any questions you might have.  

  And know this, OYC is committed to the practice of traditional yoga through weekly classes, workshops and teacher training (OYC has almost finished our fifth consecutive teacher training).  We will be here to support you in your learning and growth as you move into this program and into your future.

What Do You Want? Try a Pose-Focused or a Functioning-Focused Private Session with Nancy Hong E-RYT 500!

When someone books a private yoga session, I'm able to work with them in two different ways.  The first is a pose-focused approach.  This approach is for you if you're looking to understand poses and how to enter and exit poses with skill and proper technique.  For example, I've worked with people on their downward-facing dog, seated twists, lotus pose, headstand and triangle as well as pranayama (breathing techniques).  

The second approach I use in the functioning-focused approach.  With this approach I work with people to increase their mobility, stability and strength while reducing their pain, strain & stress.  I personalize each client's sessions to address their needs & goals.  I've worked with clients dealing with illness, breathing hindrances, age-related issues, injuries from car accidents, headaches, chronic stress, back pain & other issues.  

In other words, I've done hundreds of private sessions helping people like you execute their practice with more skill and/or function better in order to live better!  

 Some people use private sessions as their gateway to a traditional yoga class, while others use their private sessions to improve their day-to-day activities.

Either way, if you'd like to book a private session call: 605-366-9405