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      As the only Registered Yoga School (RYS) in the region, Organic Yoga Company is proud to offer our annual 200-hour Teacher-Training program for the 7th consecutive session (spring/summer-2017)! We anticipate another amazing group of people, who are ready to make their transformative journey from being a student of yoga to being a teacher of yoga!   

        As you look at TT 200 programs, you'll notice that they're not the same. So, know that you're welcome to as me any questions regard-ing my program, the theories & methodologies that guide our instruction, the books we use, the structure of the program & the weekends, as well as what you'll gain from this program.   

       What makes Organic Yoga Company's TT-200 program different? To mention as few, first, our students put in a substantial amount of time practice teaching--beginning with the first weekend!  In other words, by the time they graduate OYC students are skilled comfortable teaching Level 1 yoga classes.  Secondly, our students go deeply into Teaching Methodology (how to teach) learning & practicing five teaching strategies including monitoring, data-driven feedback and communication.  These strategies make such a difference in becoming an effective and skilled teacher.  And lastly, the students learn practical anatomy & how to use it to create cues that are clear & helpful to their yoga classes.  This, too, helps the student_teachers to have confidence as they teach as well as creating a safe, sustainable practice for their students. 

       Our rigorous curriculum has been approved by Yoga Alliance, the governing body of yoga teachers and schools. Therefore, those who complete our program will be able to register as a yoga teacher (RTY 200) with YA.  For those who are ready to become a skilled, experienced, & inspiring yoga teacher, as well as those who wish to enhance their personal practice, make a commitment to yourself and this program!  

If you have questions or would like to speak with graduates of this program regarding their experience, please call 605-366-9405. Visit the Teacher Training tab for more information!

2017 Summer/Fall Dates...

August - December 2017

Weekend Schedule
Fridays: 11:00am - 8:00pm
Saturdays: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sundays: 7:00am - 4:30pm

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Sioux Fall, South Dakota!

News for Teachers!

June 13, 2017


Organic Yoga Company will be offering our 7th consecutive 200-hour-teacher training program in the late summer of 2017.  Dates will soon be posted.  Know that this session is already filling up, so, if you're really interested for this year's program email OYC and get on the list since class size is limited!


Organic Yoga Company will be offering TT 300 (formerly called TT 500) within the year.  Built around the theme "Feel Better, Teach Better" our program will include studies to help you as a practitioner of yoga feel better  as you grow more skilled in order to teach better.  The topics to flesh out the theme have been determined as well as the schedules for each of the 8 weekend have been created & the core faculty has been chosen.   We'll be offering this advanced teacher-training program early 2018. This advanced yoga-teacher training is to be taken after completing a TT 200 program at a registered yoga school (RYS).  OYC's program will consist of eight training weekends occurring approximately once a month.  

Until then, happy practicing!

Nancy Hong E-RYT 500

Director of Training

   We welcome all to drop-in for a class to experience what makes OYC unique. What you will discover is this: while OYC teachers always offer a good workout, the way we teach yoga gives much more. 

All of our classes teach biomechanics (how the body functions) and basic anatomy along side the yoga practice. We have found that this helps our students feel & understand their body more which, in turn, enables them to progress in their practice! Additionally, OYC classes teach the eight limbs of traditional ashtanga yoga (not just the physical poses), which include the spiritual practices of concentration & meditation. 

With a focus on the whole person, the skilled & knowledgeable teachers at OYC will help develop each practitioner of yoga in a way that will be deep, endlessly interesting, natural, sustainable, and unique to each individual!

OYC Yoga Classes

Registration is open and on-going for all yoga classes! All OYC yoga classes are taught by OYC-trained & Yoga-Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers-RYT. Our staff members are not only trained to lead excellent classes, but are also qualified to train new teachers in our TT 200 program and offer continuing education workshops to experienced teachers. Begin your yoga journey to health, wellness & awareness by registering for an OYC yoga class today. 

For more information, visit OYC Classes, read more about our Staff, and check out the Schedule & Prices

Sober Yoga ~ 

For those who identify as sober for all sorts of reasons!

Date & Time: Monday at 5:30-6:30

July: 10, 17, 24, 31  

Teacher: Nancy Hong (spiritual advisor & 

yoga teacherat Keystone Treatment Center)                  

As teacher, my intention is to:

-Provide a warm & welcoming environment

-Be a supportive & safe teacher

-Cultivate a spiritually-centered class

-Encourage a nurturing community

-Offer a yoga class focused on relaxation, breathing, meditation & sobriety.

As a result of you being a part of this practice, you just might:

1. Experience inner peace through breath-work.

2. Learn tools to deal with stress in order to feel calmer in body, mind & spirit.

3. Gain a sense of ease, self-acceptance & greater comfort in your own skin.

4. Increase your physical mobility, strength & flexibility.

5. Connect with your spirit & the spirit of your Higher Power through meditation.

6. Practice staying calm & focused in the midst of challenges.

7. Experience increased self-esteem.

8. Grow in your understanding & practice of self-care.

9. Experience the union of  body, mind & spirit.

10. Celebrate the freedom found through yoga.

11. Enjoy the practice of yoga.

Welcome to the OYC!

Learn more about the OYC staff, our foundations for practice and teaching, and then contact us. This maybe the yoga studio & school that helps you move deeper into your practice of yoga and deeper into your life. 

All are welcome. Come as you are. 

Namaste, Nancy

Nancy Hong, E-RYT 500



Yoga is a path to your Self, your deepest Self, and it feels like coming home!  Teacher training (whether or not you intend to teach) is filled with experiences, learning, lectures and yoga classes that will lead you along that path to your deepest Self.  If you're inspired by your yoga practice as it is now, imagine what it might do for you after taking this in-depth training.  If you're considering taking this journey come take a class at or give us a call to ask any questions you might have.  

  And know this, OYC is committed to the practice of traditional yoga through weekly classes, workshops and teacher training (OYC has almost finished our fifth consecutive teacher training).  We will be here to support you in your learning and growth as you move into this program and into your future.